Reengineering Traffic Design


We provide specialized traffic engineering services, to site/civil engineering firms, land developers, business owners and institutions. Our services include the following:

Traffic Impact Studies and Assessments

As part of the municipal review process for a project, many towns require a traffic study or assessment. A traffic study may also be required by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) to ensure that state-owned roads will not be negatively impacted.

New developments or changes in the land use of a site can cause impacts to traffic on the surrounding roadway network by adding additional vehicle trips to those roads and intersections. These impacts directly affect the safety and quality of travel for the general public. A traffic study is prepared to ensure proper site access and circulation is provided and that safe, efficient transportation is maintained.

Tessera uses Synchro traffic modeling software to examine the no-build and build scenarios and determine what the potential impacts to traffic may be. We also review collision records and impacts to queues at intersections, assess the driveway to ensure that drivers may exit the site safely, and review site access and circulation as it relates to pedestrian safety.

Traffic Signal Timings and Design

Should a traffic impact study result in the need for a traffic signal or changes to an existing traffic signal, Tessera can assist with designing a traffic signal plan or determine the appropriate timing or phasing changes to a traffic signal. We will coordinate with the Office of the State Traffic Administration (OSTA) and CT DOT traffic engineers for signal plan approval.

Public Meeting Attendance

In addition to providing technical analysis, we attend public meetings and hearings to provide testimony in support of development projects.

OSTA Applications

CT DOT considers any development of 100,000 sf or more of gross floor area or 200 or more parking spaces to be a Major Traffic Generator. The one exception is residential developments of 100 units or less. Major Traffic Generators, or any changes or additions to Major Traffic Generators, require either an administrative review application or a certificate application.

We can assist in determining the required application, coordinating with the client's site engineer to obtain all required supporting documents, submitting the application and coordinating directly with OSTA throughout the review process.